🎉Big shoutout to our school dance team, consisting of a children's dance group, a Chinese dance group, and a trio dance group, with a total of 34 members, who have truly shined in the 60th School Dance Festival.

They performed the Miao dance "Miao Bell's Ding Dong," the She dance "Playful She Mountain," the Yi dance "Yi Fun," and "Joy of Yi Mountain," and achieved four Hornour awards!🎖 At the same time, they stood out among the 350 primary schools participating in the Chinese dance section and received the 5th place and a Group Merit Award.🎊

👏Bravo! The dance team members have shown exceptional dedication and efforts. Their achievements are remarkable, allowing CRGPS to leave an everlasting record in the School Dance Festival, which is a rare accomplishment for a time-limited primary school.👍

🥳Let us celebrate this achievement together and hope that each team member continues to maintain excellence, shine brightly, and may all the glory be to God!🌟

We would like to express our gratitude to all parents for their support and nurturing of their children in the school. Let's keep up the incredible work!💪